About Us


On 3rd May, 2009 the above named Association was instituted with the total aim of reviving the cultural spirit which had been laid as a legacy by our forefathers of the past.

  • To promote and sustain African Culture

  • To eradicate illiteracy among the youth.

  • To promote brotherliness among members

  • Raise the level of education in the African Society

  • To deepen the understanding of African Originality.

  • To unearth hidden African Culture

  • To inculcate the importance of the African Culture into the Africans.

  • To showcase the true African Cultural to the rest of the world.



President   – Sossou Pascal

General Secretary – Mensah Kudadje Peter

Life Patron – His Highness Nii Acquah II

Patrons - Nii Amardey

                – Nii Tetteh Isaac

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